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How to access your profile settings?

  1. Navigate to
  2. Click the profile icon on the top right. 
3. Click "Profile Settings".
  • Here you find all general profile settings such as name, organization, role, etc. 
4. Click "Preferences" on the left panel to choose language, timezone, number format, currency etc.
  • For example, there are different currencies to choose from as your default preference.

5. Once you have set the preferences, click "Update Preferences" to save your choices

6. Then go to the "Privacy & Security" settings.

7. Here you find the "Google Analytics" toggle. You can change the password and set the authentication method too.
8. In the Notifications section, you can choose your "Notification" settings. You can set in-app as well as email notifications and email frequency with just a single click.
9. Click "Account Settings" for any configurations at the account level. Only admin users can view and edit most of the settings here.
10. In the Account Settings click "General" to check the basic account details such as organizational code and allowed domains. You can also switch accounts from here. (Ps: Only admin users are allowed to switch between accounts)
11. Click "Cloud Preferences" to set the features you are interested in using. By clicking on any cloud, you can see the features under that cloud.
12. In the Addresses section of Account Settings, you can add the address of any new warehouse or branch office of your organization.
13. Fill all the details of the new address and click "Add" to save.
14. You can also edit or delete any already-existing address. All addresses are managed in a single place.
15. In the profile settings dropdown you can quickly access your downloads along with "Tasks" and "Activities".
16. By clicking on "Tasks", you can check the status and details of tasks. Use the dropdown to filter the tasks according to status.
17. Under "Activity" you can track all activities on the platform
18. Clicking on the arrow on the right of an activity shows you the details of that activity.
19. Click on "User Roles" from the profile dropdown to access the user management settings. Only Admins have access to this section.

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