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What is the Freight Forwarder Database?

The freight forwarder database is where users save the contact details of freight forwarders. It is a database that is built by users themselves. 

Note: The database is account specific, which means that if a user adds contact details of a freight forwarder then it will be reflected only for that account.


How to use this functionality?

1. Click on "Freight Forwarder" on the primary navigation (left side menu).

2. Clicking on “Freight Forwarder” allows you to view the list of freight forwarders that you have added. You can upload freight forwarder details in bulk by downloading the template, adding data in it and uploading the filled template.

You can also download the list of Freight Forwarders' details in the excel format by clicking the “Download” icon.

3. You can create your own address book for any freight forwarder. This address book is saved at an account level.

4. You can search in the address book using the search bar.

If you have any queries or want to know more, reach out to [email protected]

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