How to send booking details via email within Logward

September 2021


Last Update 2 個月前

Send booking details via email to any of your colleagues directly within Logward. You can also use this feature for spot quote requests with your transport partners, as noted in the example below. Customize the message, attach additional reports, and include recipients with Cc/Bcc - all within our platform.

Follow this journey:

  • Leg 1 - From Data Management, select the schema in which you have this feature enabled
  • Leg 2 - Open a booking
  • Leg 3 - Click on the email icon at the top, next to the search bar
  • Leg 4 - A pop-up window will appear with a pre-filled email, that you can edit and where you can add recipients
  • Last mile - After editing, click on "save" and then "send"

* If you don't have this feature yet, or have any questions about it, reach out to your Logward customer success team.

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