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Rashi Shah

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What is the Carrier Database?

The Carrier Database is a global data storage where the contact data for all the major carriers in the world is stored. There are several data points such as "Carrier Fullname", "Short Name", "scacCode", "Type", "Taxcode", "City", "Zip Code", "Country", and "Email" that are stored in this database. Globally, there are approximately 200 - 300 carriers. 


How to use the functionality?

1. Click on “All Carries” on the primary navigation (left side menu).

2. By clicking “All Carriers”, you will see the list of all the major carriers in the world from our global database.

On the “All Carriers” page, you can:

  • Search a carrier from the list
  • Download the list of carriers
  • Edit carriers' contact details

3. By clicking "Edit Carrier" you are able to add the contact information you have about the carrier.

4. When you click on “New Address”, you can add the details shown below and save them. You can add multiple addresses to the carrier. 

Note: The addresses added and saved by a particular user are saved only for their account.

5. You can categorize contacts you wish to add by using the “Type” dropdown where “Region” can be selected.

If you have any queries or want to know more, reach out to [email protected]

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