How can I contact Logward?

Almost every possible way. Email, phone, LinkedIn, chat, and even in-person. Really, we love visitors!

To begin with, we make our general email and support telephone available through the website. 

When you reach out via our general email, phone, our customer success team steps in to coordinate between the various departments to ensure that you get the right support you need. That way you don't try to get IT help from a logistics expert, or vice-versa!

Furthermore, during onboarding you will also be introduced to your dedicated salesperson, our implementation experts, and our logistics operations team, who will be available via their personal phone and email.

We know that providing software doesn't eliminate the need for human component behind the computer. Our motto "People First" isn't just another careless slogan. We really mean it!

For customer service: [email protected]

For billing or related: [email protected]

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