Where does Logward get all the data from?

You, your stakeholders, and a number of industry sources.

Information related to your rates, allocations, articles and specific shipments initially comes directly from you although if we are connected bilaterally to your 3PLs, you can also authorize them to provide this information to us. Depending on how you use Logward, we'd also potentially receive documentation such as commercial invoices, B/Ls, and more.

Status updates, event messages, and feedback from carriers comes from a combination of the 3PLs, carriers, and industry platforms such as Inttra.

In the case of tracking information, we also work directly with satellite operators to collect AIS and GPS information on the vessel carrying your shipment. Additionally, when needed we make use of information on carrier web portals if we are not receiving feedback.

As mentioned, we do also provide the ability to audit changes made to your shipment info, something which requires collecting user information according to our data policy.

Perhaps just as importantly to you, the data we collect is never used except in relation to your account with Logward. From time to time we may perform analyses and look for ways to improve the user experience, but this would use anonymized data.

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