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You can use this freebie to get information about your routes. You can try it out on our website.

This tool allows you to see all carriers' schedules in one place, eliminating the need to check various websites individually and puzzle key data together.

To use the Sailing Schedules follow this journey:

  • Leg 1 - Start by entering the origin and destination of your planned shipment by city name or LOCODE
  • Leg 2 - Choose your start date by either typing it or clicking on the calendar icon and selecting the date
  • Leg 3 - Pick the date range within you want to see the schedules. You can choose from a minimum of two weeks to a maximum of eight weeks
  • Leg 4 - Hit the search icon and check the schedules

  • Leg 5 - You can check more details, including transshipments, if you click on the arrow on the right (next to the carrier's information)

  • Last mile - Receive a detailed report of the schedules by email by clicking on the "GET DETAILED REPORT" button

* If you want other features to be integrated with this tool, or have any questions about it, reach out to your Logward customer success team.

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