How to match your orders and allocations with sailing schedules

November 2021


Last Update 2 года назад

On our platform, with the Port of Loading and Port of Destination of an order, our software searches the allocations that match this schedule to provide fulfilment of each vessel based on that port pair.

To find information about your route follow this journey: 

  • Leg 1 - Click on "Data Management" on the left bar

  • Leg 2 - Open the shipment where you want to select a schedule

  • Leg 3 - Click the "Edit" button in the schedules list

  • Leg 4 - Pick the date range within you want to see the schedules. You can choose from a minimum of two weeks to a maximum of eight weeks

  • Last mile - Select your desired schedule

Note: Don't forget to save your booking afterwards

* If you don't have this feature yet, or have any questions about it, reach out to your Logward customer success team.

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