How to search, edit, and filter shipments based on specific criteria

August 2021


Last Update 2 months ago

Follow this journey:

  • Leg 1 - First, click on the Data Management feature and select a schema on the top left
  • Leg 2 - Then pick a specific part of your schema and filter for shipments of a certain type: you can do so by clicking on the three lines next to a category of the schema, like "Door Origin", and then selecting the second icon (see below)
  •  Leg 3 - Now you can choose and type your criteria and apply the filter

Search and edit shipment information to eliminate endless scrolling:

  • Leg 4 - Select a schema, like "Oncarriage", and open an item
  • Last mile - You can use the search bar at the top to look for specific information, such as "ETA"

* If you don't have this feature yet, or have any questions about it, reach out to your Logward customer success team.

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